Serena Ngo Yoga

Alignment. Breath. Intention.


alignment: connection to your body
breath: source of intuition and strength
intention: movement with awareness and purpose


Private Yoga Sessions

Personalize Your Practice!

What are the benefits of private yoga sessions?

  • Understand the basics - going to a yoga studio for the first time can be intimidating! Get the confidence you need to practice in a group setting.
  • All eyes on you - every body is different, which means the yoga poses will look different in every body. Personal attention will allow you to make the yoga postures work for your body vs forcing your body into some "ideal" version of the pose.
  • Focus on your goals - perhaps you are looking for a practice to complement your current training? Or you want to focus on a challenging posture like handstand? Private sessions can be tailored to your goals, health, and lifestyle needs.
  • Preventing/managing injury - personalized attention can help ensure your body is in alignment to prevent harm. Or learn modifications and get classes and sequences specific to your health concerns.
  • Yoga on your time - class schedules don't always work out with your schedule. And in San Francisco, getting to/from classes can also take away valuable time. A private yoga session means a time and location most convenient for you, which means an increased likelihood of maintaining a consistent practice.

Serena is available for private sessions for individuals, groups, corporate yoga classes, or events.  All private sessions include a complimentary consultation prior to the session.

Special rates for nonprofit/public service employees and for private class packages. 

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