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Sustaining social change project

The stress that we experience as public service professionals can take its toll on our minds and bodies. However, if we take time to become aware of what is happening and when it's happening, we will be better able to manage our thoughts and emotions. Yoga can be a powerful tool for self-awareness and self-regulation. 

As a social worker, I have experienced first-hand how incredibly gratifying work can be when it is done in the service of others. I have also witnessed the stresses and challenges that are unfortunately all too common with this type of work. This can include:

  • heavy workloads                        
  • inadequate compensation
  • limited resources
  • poor supervision
  • low recognition
  • lack of self care

Such working conditions lead to burnout, secondary trauma, and compassion fatigue. This not only impacts one's ability to provide effective care to clients, but also disrupts health, personal relationships, and the very capacity to continue serving as a social worker.

The goal of the Sustaining Social Change Project is to make the healing benefits of yoga accessible for all who work in public service. Specifically, the Project utilizes best practices from various therapeutic modalities within the yoga classes, which are comprised of breathing exercises, physical postures, and mindfulness meditation. The classes are designed to help practitioners better regulate their nervous systems, restore emotional balance, and maintain well-being. Using this body-based approach, we train social workers to become more aware of what is being felt in the body, and to make conscious choices about what to do with that awareness. My hope is that with these tools in hand, practitioners will find additional strength and resiliency to continue their life-changing work for years to come. Practitioners can even take the tools they learn in class and apply it to their work with their own clients. 

The Sustaining Social Change Project will work with managers, directors, HR or wellness coordinators to offer yoga onsite to your staff. Classes are typically one hour long and can be a one-time event or up to an eight week cycle, which is recommended to practice and reinforce the tools being offered. Classes start at $100 per class for nonprofits, government, schools, and other public service agencies but can be customized based on budget and need. 

Interested in learning more about the Sustaining Social Change Project or booking classes for your staff? Please contact me!